Bellamy Brothers

October 2014


23 July 2014, AUS: Bellamy Brothers, Howard and David, best-known for their ’70s instant smash hits “Let Your Love Flow,” and country music’s best pick up line in a song “If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me”) are heading to Australia in October as part of the duo’s global tour, celebrating their upcoming 40 year Anniversary.

The statistics behind the Bellamy Brothers are staggering; 20 #1 singles in the US alone, and 50 hit singles overall; the distinction of recording duets with luminaries from the country music world such as Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson and Alan Jackson. They have received nearly every music award there is to have, and hold the record in both the Academy of Country Music and the Country Music Association for the most duo nominations. Rolling Stone recently included their classic “Old Hippy” on their list of the 100 Greatest Country Songs of All Time.

“We are really looking forward to heading back and performing to all our Aussie fans. It has been a while since we were here last,” says David Bellamy. “We’ve toured in over 50 countries throughout our career and Australia is one of our favourites.”

Howard Bellamy adds, “This is shaping up to be one of our biggest international years to date. Good thing we’re used to the jet lag. We actually have a new song we’re recording now called ‘Jet Lag Journey!'”

Their seamless harmonies remain perfectly intact as they continue to tour the world, performing over 200 shows each year. On the international scene, the Bellamy Brothers are one of the most demanded country music acts in the touring industry. They’re able to sell out shows in India, Sri Lanka, New Caledonia, Qatar and other nations where other country artists aren’t recognized.

“We’re old road dogs,” grins Howard when asked about the motivation behind the brothers 200 plus concert dates each year. Adds David: “Our live draw is bigger than it was in the ‘80’s. I think the same people that grew up with us and with our music in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s obviously have raised a whole new generation of Bellamy fans who started toddling to our music. Now they’re turning up at our concerts as college kids, who are really tuned in to us and our music….it’s a great feeling.”

The Bellamy’s will also perform on Cruisin’ Country, the luxurious entertainment cruise to Noumea departing Sydney on October 5.